Selection of Boxes.









 Reeves Paint Box (c1870,) containing46 Worcester China Colors. This is a rare, complete example. 














French (c 1850) two bottle perfume casket and 

French (c1880) two bottle perfume casket. 


























 Georgian (c1830) Mahogany Watercolour box.





























 Victorian (c.1880) mahogany brass bound paint box.































 Victorian (c.1890) coromandel and brass lap-desk with two ink wells. (Part open and closed.)














 Victorian (c 1850) Burr Holly Tunbridge-ware

long box with view of Mulkress Abbey, 
























 Victorian (c 1850) Inlaid decorative

 jewellery box.












 Victorian (c1880) walnut inlaid "greek" key pattern       jewellery box.
















 Victorian (c 1880) walnut and brass box.
























 Early Victorian Mahogany inlaid box. 












Regency (c.1810) Yew wood box with inlaid Brighton Pavilion print.

















 Late 19c Persian box.


















 George III (c. 1810) rosewood, engraved lid, tulipwood cross-banded box. ( and detail of engraved lid.)




















Domed burr cedar box with engraved lid. (c.1810) 












Single tea caddies in satinwood, rosewood and maple.    














 Early 19c Mahogany double tea caddy.












 Victorian (c 1880) Mahogany single tea caddy.



















Victorian (c1860) Bird's Eye Maple and rosewood  

long box. 














 French (c.1880) ebony inlaid glove box and

 French (c.1870) papier-mâché box.
















 Edwardian (c.1910) set of "Mordan" postal scales (large) and

 Edwardian (c.1910) small set of scales.
















 Mahogany and gilt edged mirror (c1880.)




















 Georgian mahogany mirror (c.1790).













 Selection of Tunbridgeware boxes (c.1880.)


















 Victorian (c1880) Coromandel and brass

book slide.                                     
















 Early Victorian (c 1840) Rosewood

 "Gothic Revival" Book-slide.















 Group of Sycamore Spice Towers (c1870.)


















 Arts and Crafts hand painted wooden blotter.















 Anglo-Indian porcupine quill sewing box and  basket.